Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Much too long

I have been going crazy getting the kids ready for school and I am also in charge of our "super Saturday" at Church and so I have been making several different crafts like CRAZY! Unfortunately I did not take pictures of any of them (yet). They are at Church for the next 5 week so that everyone can sign up but when I get them back I will post. BUT FOR NOW I made a few thank you cards and I did get a picture of one before they all went out the door.

It is a simple card made with Mini Monograms cart and swiss dot and thank you cuttlebug folders. I have been borrowing a sewing machine (thanks Valerie!) and so I have been sewing like crazy on all of my projects! It is so much fun!

I am going to announce my PAY IT FORWARD BLOG CANDY in the next few days!!! I am seriously behind in getting this out but now I can think and I wanted it to be good Candy fun! So stay posted!


scrapn_momof2 said...

Very cute Jenny!!

sanpinney said...

So, can I come to Super Saturday???

GrammaP said...

Love the card and it reminded me that I need to make and send one this morning. Lately I have decided that there is no way I could do the crafts I do without the cricut and then of course we need lots of other stuff too.
GrammaP from cricut mb