Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spongebob Play Mat

I have been M.I.A. for awhile and it is good to be back! When I was little my mom made a car play mat that we rode our hotwheels cars on. I put many miles on it! I read about the new contest at Cricut for a chance to win a Swarm with the "Cricut Stars" (aka the Provo Craft executive team who brings prizes!!!) and I started to hyperventilate. That is the most amazing prize I could ever hope to win and so I made this Spongebob Play Mat for my nephew who loves Hotwheels! It is about 36 inches by 40 inches. It is made of Periwinkle canvas and then assorted cottons for all of the houses and their layers.

It was my first time cutting fabric and it was so easy!!!!!! There was a lot of layering and I ended up painting some of the details because some of the smaller layers kept snagging. It was also my first time trying the Reynolds Freezer Paper to make stencils so I could paint the flowers on the background and the words "Jellyfish Fields" and that was SOOOOOO EASY. I want to paint everything now!!!!!

I love the way it turned out and I hope Ty will love it too!