Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Button Jar

I have been reading in Creating Keepsakes and on the Fiskateers blog about how having things easily accessable and "pretty" help creativity and just makes your work-space a little more enjoyable. Well in my case my work-space is my dining room. I just try to keep it out of the way of food and the kids messes! But after reading those things I decided to try a little bit of sprucing up! I went to Goodwill and found an ugly jar. I figured if I painted and added a little cricut, it could be cute!
So here is my new found home for my buttons. Not too bad for .99! (I am all about a bargin!) The last picture is of the orignal jar lid. I used paint that I used to paint my dining room chairs and the paper is from BASICGREY (which I love!). The small flowers are from prima with skittles in the middle and the big flower is a Bazzill flower. The button is a wooden heart that I got at JoAnns. The tag is from George and I made a rub-on for the word Buttons.

Have an organized yet pretty day and thanks for stopping by! ~ Jenny

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Family Exploding Box

I have wanted to try making an exploding box for a long time and I have finally done it. It was so easy! I made this in one evening. I am giving this to my Grandma for her 80th birthday! I was making it so she could put pictures of all of her Great Grandkids but now I am thinking that maybe I should just put random pictures of all of our family... So far there are only pictures of my 4 kids in it. I still have a couple of weeks to decide what pics I put in. I really like the way it turned out in such a short time! I am including the instructions on how I did it. I found a bunch of different directions on line but I ended up making mine a little different than the ones that I found but I think it still works. Thanks for stopping by!


You will need:

4 sheets of 12x12 cardstock (I used Bazzill)
adhesive (I used double stick tape for the paper, mini glue dots for the embellishments, Glossy Accents to glue the lid, and my xyron 150 for all of the ribbon, and the xyron 500 for the pictures)
bone folder (I used the one that comes in my cricut tools)
12" razor cutter (I love my fiskars cutter!)
coordinating patterned paper (I used Creating Keepsakes All in One Kit)
Favorite embellishments (who doesn't love all of the fun things you can add? I used sayings that came in the Kit, skittles, ribbon, prima flowers,and lots of chalk ink)

First sheet of cardstock 12x12 (outside of box), score cardstock at 4" on all 4 sides with the bone folder. Cut out 4 corners so it looks like a cross then fold on all of the scored lines.
Second sheet of cardstock, cut to 11x11, score at 3 3/4" on all 4 sides and again cut out 4 corners and fold.
Third sheet of cardstock, cut to 10.5x10.5, score at 3 1/2" on all 4 sides and cut out 4 corners and fold.

I then used 8 pieces of coordinating patterned paper to emblish both sides of all of the squares. There will be 24 squares. 20 of them can have pictures but the other 4 will be the outside of the box. I then added ribbon, flowers, rub-ons, skittles, etc. to embellish.

Once the embellishments were done I used double sided tape to tape the layers together. Tape the center only. I started with the smallest and taped the center only to the middle sized paper. Then I taped those to the largest piece, again only in the center.

Lid - Cut the 4th piece of cardstock to 8x8 and score at 2" on all 4 sides. Cut only one side of each corner square and glue together. I used paper clips to hold the edges together while the glue dried, but because I used Glossy Accents it dried in 10 seconds and has a very stong bond! (I learned that trick from Tim Holtz!) Embellish the top of the box and you are done!!!!

It really is easy and is super fun to take the lid off and have the pages flop out! ENJOY!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anniversary LO

It is my 15th Anniversary today. I started out making a card for my husband Tom and then it just keep getting bigger and bigger until it turned into a 12 x 12 layout!

I always sing "I love you a bushel and a peck" from Guys and Dolls. (I was in the play in high school and some things just stick with you.) I thought about filling a bushel with things that I loved about my husband and making it a card. But then I started going through old pictures and thought that he would love to see those too. I made a bigger bushel and bigger double sided tags and put pictures on one side and all of the mushy stuff on the back. He was surprised to see it and he loved the pictures and then he said, "so are you going to keep this or should I go put it under the bed?" He always puts the stuff I give him under the bed, BUT NOT THIS TIME. It is going in a sheet protector and then in our book! :)

Have a great, sappy, mushy, day!


Monday, May 12, 2008


Camping is a big deal in the Titus family. They are all big scouters and they just like to do it. My husband is my sons scout leader and so they go once a month. The Titus men like to get together in Utah during the summer and camp. I am glad that they have something that will give them memories and help them to bond.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hoppy Birthday Frog Card

My husbands uncle is staying with us for a few days and he has a wife named Coral, however I have only known her as "Aunt Hop". Her birthday is coming up and so Uncle Ron asked if I could design a frog card for her birthday and of course I "jumped" at the chance to make such a corney card. Hee Hee

I LOVE the DS software! I welded the frogs from the Paper Doll cartridge. I added some green chalk ink and a little white pen (Uni-ball Signo is my FAVORITE white pen!!!), some green skittles, and pink ribbon. I once again made my own rub on for my silly saying and hopefully she will get a kick out of it!
Thanks for stopping by!


Foil Birthday Card

When I was growing up my mom would frequently wrap our birthday presents in foil, or we would wrap our friends birthday presents in foil and then decorate it and give it to them. I must have been feeling nostalgic because I thought it would be fun to run some foil through my cuttlebug and see what I could come up with. Here it is. A silly birthday card that I colored with sharpies while I watched American Idol. It stills needs a "Happy Birthday" or something and I am not even sure if I will ever give it to anyone or if I will just keep it for old time sake. A little shiny bit of the past...

Foil Birthday Card Upclose

I just loved this view... I don't know if I am just really tired and so it looked super cool to me or what, but I love it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I am so spoiled!!! I got the Cricut DS today! I have been welding and flipping and stretching all afternoon!!!! I made a card from the bug on Walk in my garden. I flipped the first bug and then moved it to the left, then added another bug and used the Kerning feature set to -0.05 and then welded them together and got the cutest little bug card! I am loving this!!! The flower is from prima with a blue skittle in the middle. Both of the ribbons are from Walmart. The paper is from the Cricut Blues stack. TFL!

Finished Bug me anytime card

I made a Rub-on once again for "Bug me anytime". I hope I can stop playing long enough to get some sleep tonight! I have to do singing time in church tomorrow! :)

out of my mind: Quick page

out of my mind: Quick page

Quick page

Here is a page for the pink stamper quick page challenge. It took me about 10 minutes to do which is not usually the way I make pages. It is very simple. I love these pictures of Sammie. I went in to the hospital to have Sadie right after these were taken. I missed the recital but my mom took her and brought her to see Sadie after. Memories...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Mini Monograms Birthday Card

Once again I have a card that has a monogram letter and I used Rub-ons... Do you see a pattern? I learn something new and then I do it over and over! Well here is another birthday card with the DCWV card as the background. I also used Chestnut Roan chalk ink. The "b" is from mini monograms. All of the scallop circles are also from mini monograms. The ribbon is from Walmart.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!