Friday, June 19, 2009

Teacher Gifts~ Notepads

My daughters teacher and her husband LOVE Disneyland. I also have been known to have a sweet spot for the happiest place on earth. So to make these goodies were so much fun for me!

Pot with Pens


Tissue Box for Teacher

Tissues are on every teachers desk and so I thought this would be a cute thing for her to have. Hot glue is holding together the foam board. Then it is covered in paper with ribbon hot glued on the top. Not perfect but adorable!

Last day of school notebooks

Baby Gift

This is a baby bathtub made from a basket and diapers. We filled it with clothes, baby bath, lotions, powder, bibs, and a baby word book that I made. Then we put a bear and a silk blanket on top to look like the bear was taking a bath! I got the idea from the cricut message board and it had plain white diapers and was WAY cuter but this was a fun way to give a baby gift.

IT's Finally Summer!!!!

I kind of fell off of the crafting world for a little while but I have finally found my way back! I got very busy with school at the end of the year and the first thing that suffered was my house (cleaning) and then the cooking went and then so very sadly my crafting! Well school is over and now I can post some of the things that I did in the last few months.

This was a set that I made for the awesome secretaries at school! They save me on a daily basis and so I thought I would make them a cute treat!