Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby Boy Card~ Silly Monkey

I LOVE the monkey from New Arrivals. He is so cute! I wish I knew what to do with the eyes from this cart (like the elephant, giraffe, duck, etc.) so if you have ANY suggestions PLEASE let me know. The google eyes were OK for this one because I wanted it to be a little silly but I am not a big fan of google eyes.

This is such an easy card because I used the creative feature CARD 3 key and it makes the card ready to go with the scallop edge! So easy but so very cute!!!! I knew that I wanted to see the inside of the sewing so I put brown on the bobbin so that I could put my nephews name in the inside the stitched part of the card.

Let me know of your EYE SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!




scrapn_momof2 said...

Cute cute cute!! I love monkeys and this one is so cute. I'm sorry I don't have any eye suggestions. I don't have this cart yet, but your cards make me think this is a must have.

Monique Griffith said...

Jenny, cute card! I too am in LOVE with this monkey, and have used him lots. I always punch out his eyes with a little hole punch (1/8" I think), then put white behind the face, and draw in some black pupils. Works for me.

Long Family said...

Jenny you are out of your mind!!! I absolutely love it and enjoy looking at your blog!! Thanks for showing it to me and now all I think about is how I need to get a cricut!! Thanks!!! Your the best!! Janice

Sharon Caudle said...

this is soooo cute!!! I love it! I like to use rain dots for eyes. I'll use the smaller ones and will use blue or green. Sometimes I'll use white and draw black on the white with my slick writer.