Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wild Card Monster Card

This is the monster card in the Wild Card Cartridge. I think it is hillarious! I did NOT like it at all when I saw it in the handbook. Then I decided to cut one out just to see what it really was all about and I DO like it now. It is just so wierd that you have to love him!
I think what made me change my mind about him was the ENVELOPE! I love that it has eyes and teeth!
I used double sided cardstock so that the one side is green for my monster and then the other side is yellow so when you fold the monster down it has a yellow background. I think that double sided paper will come in handy a lot for this cart!
Once again THANKS JANEL!!!! (and Happy Birthday! Hee hee!)


Sharon Caudle said...

Soooo cute Jenny!!!! I love that little monster! It's adorable!!! hugs!

TracieDarling said...

That is so funny that you said you didn't like it at first because I freaked out I love it so much!!!
It's probably my favourite out of allll of the things I've seen.
so...when my birthday rolls around you'll know what to do.
hahaha I love you!