Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've been tagged!

Sharon from Gramma's house of cards has tagged me! (GO take a peek at her blog. She is AMAZING!)
So this is how the whole tagging thing works: Answer the questions, then tag five or six of your blogging friends. Go to their blogs and let them know they've been tagged and ask them to visit your blog for details.
Here's mine
1. 10 years ago- My husband and I had just graduated from Brigham Young University. I got a degree in Elementary Education and my husband finished his masters in Geology. We moved from Utah to Southern California. I had a 18 month old little boy and was very excited to get on with "real life".
2. 5 things to do today- My oldest son is pet sitting and so we fed and played with the dog and guinney pig. I went to Church. Had a meeting about our big "super saturday" craft fair coming in Oct. Played American Idol game with my kids.
3. Favorite snack- PEANUT M&Ms. I am trying not to buy treats because there are not a lot of treats that I don't like!
4. If I were to become a millionaire... I would love to be able to move all of my family closer. Or maybe just move everyone to my brother in Hawaii!
5. Places I've lived... I was born in Utah. Then when I was very little we moved to Brea California (right by Disneyland, my favorite place). Then I went to school in Rexburg, Idaho for 2 years and then in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Back to Brea and now in Citrus Heights, California which is right outside of Sacramento.
6. People I am tagging. Deborah, Carrie, Sarah, and Sandy!


Sharon Caudle said...

Thanks for playing Jenny! It was great getting to know you a little better! hugs!

Roshni said...

Hi there.. You are from Citrus Heights? I live in Antelope and I have been following your blog for quite some time now. I love the stuff you make. You mentioned a craft expo / fair.. can you send me details? My email is

I love scrapbooking and would like to attend the expo and get to know others in the area! Thanks.